YCP "Drugs and Crime" Project

About Glen Banks

Glen Banks worked within the prison service from 1997 - 2009, in late 1999 along with two serving prisoners he founded and developed the "Drugs and Crime" Project.


Due to the continued success of this project Glen has worked on numerous police local and national crime initiatives so as to hopefully help make our communities safer.

In the community he continues to deliver presentations on violent crime to the younger population. He works continually with areas of the Metropolitan Police, in particular the North London schools in and around Enfield and Harringey.


Glen was asked to help set up a similar project in Aberdeen by the Scottish Police and Prison Services and has also worked with the Dutch media showing the parallels of knife and gang crime between the United Kingdom and Holland.


In 2001 he was nominated for the Howard League Margery Fry award and in 2001, 2002, 2003 was nominated for the prison service Butler Trust award. In 2004 he recieved this award at Buckingham Palace from the Princess Royal along with other winners from the prison service.


In 2006 he became the first county winner of the Criminal Justice Awards in Northamptonshire for Tackling Youth Crime and in November 2007 he was in the finals of the National Justice Awards for his outstanding work in the communities. In 2008 he was highly commended for his work in Tackling Youth Crime by the Criminal Justice Board in Northamptonshire and the nominations in 2009 included the High Sherriff Community Foundation Award and also the Criminal Justice Award, again for Tackling Youth Crime.


Since 2009 he has worked in partnership with London's COMEDY SCHOOL on their annual "It's No Joke" programme using his presentations to compliment the Knife Drama perfomed by members of the COMEDY SCHOOL.


In 2010/2011 as well as continuing to deliver these presentations around the country he has also worked with the Metropolitan Police Trident Unit on a project called "The Roads - A Wasted Life" this involved interviewing and working with an ex gang member and identifying, via a timeline of his life, what interventions at various stages might have sent him and others along a different road.