YCP "Drugs and Crime" Project


  I am writing on behalf of the pupils and staff of St Ignatious College, Enfield, to thank you for the excellant presentations given last week in the aftermath of the tragic stabbing of one of our former pupils.

The three presentations given to pupils in years 9, 10, and 11 plus a talk to year 12 boys along with a hosted Q/A session with vulnerable year10 pupils and three informal talks to boys who were in the schools internal exclusion unit were so important.

In addition to the powerful presentations Glen also put up an excellant display in the school library of prison items and weapons, he was also around to answer any questions raised by the pupils.

It is so important for students to hear the message about knife crime and also. have the opportunity to hear it from someone with so much passion and experience having worked within the prison service himself.

Long may these presentations continue.


  CAROLINA Di PIERRO  Learning Mentor at  St Ignatious College Enfield May 2010


 My name is Kadeem from St. Marys College, Twickenham and I would like to say that the presentation myself and my colleague witnessed in the PRU in PECKHAM last week was mindblowing. Being in the business of performing arts for several years I was very impressed at the tools you used in order to hold the attention of  the service users, it was a very slick presentation and I just felt that a thank you was in order. So thank you Glen, for the opportunity to be witness to your work and for having the passion to make a difference to a youth's life. If more people like you were around today the London younger would be far better off. Thank you for reminding me where my passion is.


   KADEEM DUNNING        JUNE 2011



 I want to say thank you for the presentation you gave to Year 10 pupils at Wollaston School on the 25/10/10. Before moving to this area I lived in several places in Birmingham that had serious problems with crimes highlighted in your presentation, and I think that it is amazing for someone such as yourself to raise awareness on such a serious matter that is unfortunately becoming a much regular occurance on the television and in various other forms of media. Your presentation made me open my eyes and realise the severity of some incidents.


  Once again many thanks.

                                                                                                   Matthew, Year 10  Wollaston School   November 2010


  Thanks for everything, I still remember the stories you told me. I will never forget you.


                                                                                                           HATICE - NIGHTINGALE ACADEMY, ENFIELD Yr 8  2010